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Semiconductor Research Corporation provides undergrads, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers with a unique educational opportunity consisting of traditional course work, cutting-edge research, and direct interaction with the semiconductor industry.  

Understanding how Students join Pillar Science

Undergrads, graduate students, and/or postdoctoral researchers working on SRC Research need to be added to the Project in Pillar Science. In Pillar, the PI intiates the process by adding the student to their team, and then the project. Only once the student has been added can the student access anything in the Pillar platform. 

As an SRC Research Scholar, you will need to follow the steps below to create your profile in Pillar Science and update your LinkedIn profile

Step 1. SRC Website Account

Sign up for an account on the SRC website. This required step is necessary to access events and the collaborative research platform Pillar Science. 

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Step 2. Pillar Science Profile

Make sure your professor has added you to the relevant research project in Pillar Science.  

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Complete your Pillar Science profile: 

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Step 3. LinkedIn Experience

Adding details about your SRC-funded research allows you to professionally showcase your talent and experience. It also makes it easy for SRC member company engineers and recruiters to include you in candidate searches for internship and hiring opportunities.

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How can I become a Research Scholar?

Ask your Professor if you are working on SRC funded research. Even if you are not directly funded by SRC, you are eligible to be an SRC Research Scholar if you are working on any SRC-funded research.

Why do I want to become a Research Scholar?

Participation as an SRC Research Scholar provides both education and career benefits. Industry liaisons guide SRC funded faculty, which means your research is deeply connected with the real world and you get access to industry insights. SRC member companies look to the Research Scholars Program as a talent pipeline, so Scholars are frequently on the shortlist for company internships and even hires. Explore more benefits.

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