Center for Heterogeneous Integration Research on Packaging

Ganesh Subbarayan (Purdue University), Co-Director
Bahgat Sammakia (Binghamton University, SUNY), Co-Director

Heterogeneous integration of microchips into a package is becoming increasingly essential to technologies ranging from cell phones to mainframe computers to automotives in the coming decades.


As device scaling continues into the sub-10-nm range, it is becoming increasingly difficult as it approaches various fundamental limits. The ability to achieve “more than Moore” functionality by heterogeneously packaging advanced microchips to achieve higher performance and lower cost, provides attractive differentiation for electronic products. The Center is created to address critical road-blocks to realize these potentials. It began on Jan. 1, 2019 and combines the strengths of Purdue University and SUNY Binghamton both of which have had significant contributions in this field and a history of collaboration that stretches back nearly two decades.

Research Focus

Topics in Heterogeneous Integration are very wide, which are listed in the home page of the Packaging research program. Currently the initial center tasks are focused on power delivery, thermal management, fine-pitch interconnects, and system optimization. The research portfolio is expected to expand in breadth and faculty participation as additional projects are initiated in the coming years.

Center Management

Ganesh Subbarayan, professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue, and Bahgat Sammakia, vice president for research and a distinguished professor of mechanical engineering at Binghamton, serve as co-directors for the Center. Roughly a dozen other faculty members in engineering and computer science at these two institutions participate in the Center’s research. The Center also provides matched funding to significantly enhance the research program.

subbarayan sammakia
Ganesh Subbarayan Bahgat Sammakia

CHIRP Metrics

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