New Science Team (NST) Initiative

Enabling the Microelectronics Technology Roadmap for 2025 & Beyond – Actively Recruiting Industry and Government Sponsors to Fortify the $300M+ Research Agenda

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) is establishing a new $300M+ initiative dedicated to creating a Smart, Autonomous, Safe, Connected, Efficient, and Affordable future through focused, long-term research that goes beyond traditional scaling.

The unified NST effort will consist of two complementary research programs:

The research focus areas as shown here:

Research for both JUMP and nCORE will commence in January 2018 and continue for five years, with funding support coming from industry and government partners. Current industry partners that are committed to the effort are IBM Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Micron Technology, Inc., Intel Corporation, EMD Performance Materials (a Merck KGaA affiliate), Analog Devices Inc., Raytheon Company, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd., Lockheed Martin Corporation, ARM Limited, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and SK hynix Inc. US Government partners currently committed to the effort include Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the JUMP program, and National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the nCORE program. SRC is recruiting additional industry and government sponsors to fortify the research agenda. 

Key Characteristics of NST (JUMP + nCORE):
Research Management University-directed
Research Center-based
Timeframe 5-year research plan
Universities U.S. Universities
Membership International

The purpose of funding various university researchers is to enable solutions throughout the design hierarchy stack, from Materials to Applications, and across technology implementations in RF/Analog, Extended CMOS and Beyond CMOS. Furthermore, JUMP and nCORE will allocate funds differently for the various components of the design hierarchy stack. The JUMP program will tend to fund “systems” research towards the upper end of the stack while the nCORE program will tend to fund “device” research in the foundational elements of the stack.

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