Glossary of SRC Terms and Acronyms

As in any enterprise, shortcuts to language have developed over time resulting in abbreviations and acronyms that may be unrecognizable to those who are new to the organization. The following list is provided to assist you in understanding the most commonly used SRC-related terminology.

AC/AV Automotive Cybersecurity/Autonomous Vehicles
ACE4S ATIC-SRC Center of Excellence for Energy Efficient Electronics Systems
ADA Applications Driving Architectures Center, a JUMP Center
AI Artificial Intelligence
AMML Antiferromagnetic Magneto-electric Memory and Logic, an nCORE Center
AMS-CSD Analog/Mixed Signal Circuits, Systems and Devices
AMS Analog and Mixed Signal
AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory
ASCENT Applications and Systems driven Center for Energy-Efficient Integrated NanoTechnologies, a JUMP Center
ASD Area Selective Deposition
AI/ML Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
BAA Broad Agency Announcement (DARPA Solicitation)
BEM BioElectronic Medicine
BEP Back End Processes
BIP Background Intellectual Property
BIST Built-In Self-Test
BoD Board of Directors
CBRIC Center for Brain-inspired Computing Enabling Autonomous Intelligence, a JUMP Center
CDADIC Center for the Design of Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits
CADT Computer Aided Design & Test
CAEML Center for Advanced Electronics through Machine Learning
CAIST Center for Interconnect Science and Technology
CAPSL Probabilistic Spin Logic for Low-Energy Boolean and Non-Boolean Computing, an nCORE Center
C-FAR Center for Future Architectures Research, a STARnet Center
CHEST Center for Hardware and Embedded Systems Security and Trust
CHIRP Center for Heterogeneous Integration Research in Packaging
CISE Computer and Information Science and Engineering, an NSF Directorate
CNFD Center for NanoFerroic Devices, an NRI Center
ComSenTer Center for Converged TeraHertz Communications and Sensing, a JUMP Center
CONIX Center On Network Infrastructure for Pervasive Perception, Cognition, and Action, a JUMP Center
CRISP Center for Research on Intelligent Storage and Processing-in-memory, a JUMP Center
CRR Compelling Research Reasons
CRRD Collaborative Relevant Research Dollars
C-SPIN Center for Spintronic Materials, Interfaces and Novel Architectures, a STARnet Center
CSR Cross-Disciplinary Semiconductor Research
DAC Design Automation Conference
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DEEP3M Durable, Energy-Efficient, Pausable Processing in Polymorphic Memories, an nCORE Center
DEI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
DFM Design for Manufacturing
DoD Department of Defense
DoE Department of Energy
DSSP DARPA-Sponsored Special Project
E2CDA Energy-Efficient Computing: from Devices to Architectures
ECTC Electronic Components and Technology Conference
EDA Electronic Design Automation
EM Electromigration
ENIGMA Energy Efficient Learning Machines, an NRI Center
EP3C Efficiency and Performance Research for Connectivity Constrained Computing
ERI Electronics Resurgence Initiative, a DARPA Program
ERP Emerging Research Programs
ETAB Executive Technical Advisory Board
ESH Environment, Safety and Health
EU European Union
EXCEL Extremely Energy Efficient Collective Electronics, an NRI Center
FAME Function Accelerated nanoMaterial Engineering Center, a STARnet Center
FCRP Focus Center Research Program
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FFO Federal Funding Opportunity
FIP Foreground Intellectual Property
GC Governing Council
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
GFP Graduate Fellowship Program
GRC Global Research Collaboration
HI Heterogeneous Integration
HW-SW Hardware - Software
I2O Information Innovation Office (DARPA)
I3T Innovative and Intelligent Integrated Technology
IAB Industrial Advisory Board
IARPA Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
ICA Intelligent Cognitive Assistants
ICT Information and Communication Technologies
IEDM International Electron Devices Meeting
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
INDEX Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery and Exploration, an NRI Center
InterMat Interconnect Materials
IoT Internet of Things
IP Intellectual Property
I/S Rating Importance/Satisfaction Rating
ISSCC International Solid State Circuits Conference
ISS-NL International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory
ITRS International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
IUCRC Industry-University Cooperative Research Center
JUMP Joint University Microelectronics Program
JUMP 2.0 Joint University Microelectronics Program 2.0
KPI Key Performance Indicators
LPD Logic & Physical Design
LEAST Center for Low Energy Systems Technology, a STARnet Center
LMD Logic and Memory Devices
LOI Letter of Intent
MAPT Microelectronic and Advanced Packaging Technologies
MARCO Microelectronics Advanced Research COrporation
MEES Minimum Energy Electronic Systems
MIND Midwest Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery, an NRI Center
MIST Molecular Information STorage
ML Machine Learning
MMI Microelectronics Manufacturing Institute
MOSIS Metal Oxide Semiconductor Implementation Service
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MSR Member Specific Research (managed by SRC)
MTJ Magnetic Tunnel Junction
MTO Microsystems Technology Office (DARPA)
NAPMP National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program
nCORE nanoelectronics Computing Research
NEEDS Nano-Engineered Electronic Device Simulation
NEM Nanoengineering Materials
NERC Nanoelectronics Research Corporation
NEWLIMITS NEW materials for LogIc, Memory and InTerconnectS, an nCORE Center
NIH National Institutes of Health
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NMP Nanomanufacturing Materials and Processes
NN Neural Network
NPS Net Promoter Score
NRI Nanoelectronics Research Initiative
NRL Naval Research Laboratory
NSF National Science Foundation
NSTC The National Semiconductor Technology Center
NST New Science Team
OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
PAAS Perceptive Autonomous Automotive Systems (NSF joint program)
PAT Patterning
PKG Packaging
PM Program Manager
RAB Research Advisory Board
RCP Research Customization Program (managed by the SRC)
RF Radio Frequency
S&AS Smart and Autonomous Systems
SAB Science Advisory Board
SSB / SemiSynBio Semiconductor Synthetic Biology
SIA Semiconductor Industry Association
SLD System Level Design
SONIC Systems On Nanoscale Information fabriCs Center, a STARnet Center
SMART Spintronic Materials for Advanced infoRmation Technologies, an nCORE Center
SRCEA SRC Education Alliance
SSAV Smart, Safe Autonomous Vehicles
STARnet Semiconductor Technology Advanced Research network (FCRP Phase VI)
STARSS Secure, Trustworthy, Assured and Resilient Semiconductors and Systems
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
SWAN Southwest Academy of Nanoelectronics, an NRI Center
TAB Technical Advisory Board
T3S Trustworthy and Secure Semiconductors and Systems
TerraSwarm TerraSwarm Research Center, a STARnet Center
TECHCON TECHnical CONference
THz TerraHertz
TPG Technical Program Group
TxACE Texas Analog Center of Excellence
UBM Under Bump Metallization
URI Undergraduate Research Initiative (JUMP program)
URM Under Represented Minorities
URO Undergraduate Research Opportunities
URP Undergraduate Research Program
VER Verification
V-TML Verification, Validation, and Test of Machine Learning Systems
WAB Workforce Advisory Board

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